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Our Impact

Research shows that dehumanizing portrayals of Black people in entertainment, advertising and the news are dangerous.
Constant stereotypes in media create negative perceptions, which lead to real-world consequences for Black folks. ColorOfChange
organizes people-powered campaigns and works with industry leaders to create a more honest and less harmful media landscape.
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Our Purpose

Research is now crystal clear about the harm caused by irresponsible media: consistent exposure to distorted images creates entrenched, negative perceptions about Black people. And those perceptions lead to real-world consequences: less attention from doctors; not being considered equally in hiring, admissions or getting a loan; harsher sentences from judges; and higher chances of being shot by police.
Media is powerful. We are challenging media producers in entertainment, advertising and news to take responsibility for the dehumanizing
stereotypes they promote and profit from, and the harm they cause to Black women, men, boys and girls. ColorOfChange initiates campaigns, dialogue and research that will create a more honest and human media landscape, and a less hostile world for Black people. Join us.


  • The Opportunity Agenda works collaboratively to expand opportunity for all by conducting research and using media to influence public opinion and policy, with a specific focus on Black men and boys.

  • American Values Institute finds methods to reduce implicit bias and racial anxiety in our society.,
    a project of AVI, is an online hub dedicated to shaping authentic perceptions of Black men and boys.

  • The Maynard Institute helps the nation's news media better reflect America's diversity, examining media
    coverage of people of color to help provide comprehensive reporting on issues that create structural inequities.


Transforming Perception: Black Men and Boys
AVI’s original research, along with the cutting edge research in social psychology and neuroscience, provides empirically grounded analysis
and proposals for change
. The complex psychology of race shows that while the shift in values precipitated by the Civil Rights Movement
has been profound, these egalitarian ideals have not yet truly permeated people’s unconscious stereotypes, or their emotions and fears.

Portrayal and Perception
Portrayal and Perception, available on, reveals coverage that is at odds with how the black community views African American males and how they view themselves. It contains two studies: “African American Men and Boys, Pittsburgh Media Audit” by Meyer Communications LLC, and “Study of the Media’s Coverage of African American Males in Pittsburgh” by The Pew Research Center’s Project
for Excellence in Journalism.

Media Representations and Impact on the Lives of Black Men and Boys
Literature Review: Media Representations and Impact on the Lives of Black Men and Boys, published by The Opportunity Agenda,
focuses on the question of how media, and communications more broadly, affect outcomes for black men and boys in American society.

Black Male Achievement
Public Opinion Research Related to Black Male Achievement, published by the Opportunity Agenda, provides an overview of some central
themes emerging from public opinion research regarding understandings of black male achievement, awareness of racial disparities, and the causes of and responsibility for addressing them.

Media Consumption Trends Among Black Men
Media Market Research: Media Consumption Trends Among Black Men, published by the Opportunity Agenda, provides insights into how
African-American men consume media, and identifies which media sources are likely to have the greatest impact on the thinking and attitudes
of this segment of the American population.